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  • To  continue the friendship and good fellowship which has developed from twenty-five years or more of service in IBM.
  • To promote enjoyment among members by means of occasional social gatherings to which spouses or guests of members will be invited.
  • To cheer and comfort members in time of sorrow, sickness or other circumstances which affect their ability to carry on normal activities.

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Did you know?

  Did you know that the IBM Retirement Club has changed it's membership criteria? If you once worked for IBM and you don't anymore, you can be a retirement club member.  See the retirement club website at  www.sjpc.org/sjrc Also find some great entertainment info in the PDF version of the newsletter. There are a lot of activities available. Check out the PDF version for all the details. .....plus trips, events and of course the most important "In Memoriam" section. 


 Joe Lucchesi President, Newsletter

 Quinton O’Neal Vice President 

Terri Edgmon Secretary 

Dave Bennet Treasurer 

Joe Russo Advisor 

Jim Lucke email Addresses

Pete Potosky Web Site 

Brian Faircloth Advisor 

Junious Ross Advisor 

Dick Kegley Advisor 

Ken Ouchi Data Base Manager 


 There is a change to our process. We were a part of the IBM Club financially and as such reported our income from your donations thru it for tax purposes. IBM is no longer supporting this method of financial accounting.  We will continue to support our Mission, our Newsletter, and our Website as a group of friends but we will no longer want any income. This is so that we do not have to organize in a costly and complicated way to report it. We thank all of you who have supported us in the past with your generous donations. Please enjoy our continuing support but do not send any more donations. If we receive any from now on, we will send them back to you. Since we are no longer accepting donations we are also losing the club’s mailbox there is no longer an address for the club. 

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Interesting Links

 Here is a handy link to the 

San Jose Retirement Club Website 

 Dale Fisk contributed a very interesting article he wrote on punch cards, (PDF format), and a link to the Columbia University Computing History 

 This may bring back memories....."Old Iron" 


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SJQCC Bylaws

Article I - Name 

The name of this Chapter shall be the IBM Quarter Century Club of  San Jose, California.

Article II - 

Objectives The objectives of this club shall be:Section 1 To perpetuate the friendship and good fellowship which has developed through a quarter century or more of service in IBM.Section 2 To promote social enjoyment among members by means of occasional social gatherings to which spouses or guests of members will be invited.Section 3 To cheer and comfort members in times of sorrow, sickness, or inability to be about their usual activities.

Article III - 

Membership Section 1 Membership in the IBM Quarter Century Club shall consist of current and former IBM employees, and shall be determined by the rules governing Quarter Century Club membership, as defined by the IBM Corporation.Section 2 Definitions of Membership Classification:Employed:Members currently employed by the IBM Corporation.Retired:Members who have retired under the IBM Retirement Plan or who are receiving benefits under the IBM Total and Permanent Disability Income Plan.Associate:Other members who have left IBM and who have been extended special membership status.

Article IV - 

Officers Section 1 Officers of the club shall be elected from the Club membership and consist of a President, Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.Section 2 The Officers shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee, described in Article VI, section 3.Elections may be conducted by a mailed ballot or a voice vote.The candidate receiving a plurality of votes cast for each office shall be declared elected and hold office for a term of one year.New officers shall be installed at the annual Fall Meeting.

Article V - 

Duties of Officers Section 1 The President shall preside at meetings of the Club and perform customary duties of the office.The President shall appoint and be an ex-officio member of all committees (except the Nominating Committee).In the absence of the Treasurer, the President shall assume the Treasurer's duties.Section 2 The Vice President shall assist the President in every way possible , and shall assume the President's duties in the latter's absence.Section 3 The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Club, conduct the correspondence of the Club, maintain the accurate up-to-date roster of membership and perform all other duties of this office.Section 4 The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of the club and shall keep accurate records of all money received and disbursed for the Club, and shall be prepared to render a financial statement at any meeting of the Club or Club officers.Section 5 A financial statement shall be furnished annually by the Treasurer and submitted for certification to the Auditing Committee described in Article VI, Section 3.

Article VI - 

ManagementSection 1Executive Committee:During the interim between  Club meetings, the management and affairs of the Club shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee. This Executive Committee shall be composed of the duly elected officers, the Chairperson of the standing comittees, and the four immediate past club presidents.The Executive Committee shall consider all matters and points of discussion concerning the general welfare of the Club, recommend changes in the bylaws governing the organization, as well as questions relating to Club policy, prior to presentation to the Club members for approval (or otherwise) at either the annual meeting or any special meeting that might be called for a particular purpose.The President of the Club shall act as Chairperson of the Executive Committee and preside at it's meetings. In the absence of the President the Vice President shall preside.A quorum shall consist of two-thirds of the Executive Committee present at a meeting.Any vacancies existing in the Executive Committee or in any office of the Club from any cause other than expiration of term shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Committee and a person so designate shall hold office for the unexpired term of the member of the Committee or officer whom this person succeeds.Section 2Standing Committees:Entertainment Committee - Shall have supervision of planning and operating of all entertainment, receptions, parties and special activities given by or under the auspices of the Club, after approval of the Executive Committee. They shall also arrange for procuring, distributing and collecting for tickets covering such functions.A deceased member's widow or widower and companion may be guests of the IBM Quarter Century Club at all gatherings to which spouses of members are invited.Visiting Committee - Shall arrange for the sending of flowers or other suitable rememberance at the time of illness or death of a member of the Club, as well as to arrange for someone to visit such a member at the member's home or in the hospital in the case of illness or to attend the services of a deceased member.Quarter Note - Shall be the basic Club news bulletin for the communication with the members. The Quarter Note editor will include Club information, activities, and schedule of events. Distribution will be made to each member's home.Section 3Other Committees:Nominating Committee - Shall consist of three members appointed by the President from among the membership.Auditing Committee - Shall consist of one or more IBMer's to be appointed by the President.

Article VII -

 Meetings Section 1 The annual meeting shall be held in the fall of each year. Notices of time and place of annual meeting shall be given at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.Section 2 Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the officers or upon a petition directed to the Secretary, signed by one-third of the members, which shall state the object of such a special meeting. Notices shall be mailed or telephoned to all members at least three days prior to a special meeting.Section 3A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Club members.Section 4A majority of votes cast by members present shall carry a motion in meetings, except when in the discretion of the officers the proposition under consideration should be submitted to the entire membership by means of a mailed ballot on which each member's choice and return to the Club Secretary.

Article VIII - 

Contributions Section 1 Annual voluntary contributions, not to exceed $3.00, shall be requested from each employed member in order to meet the Club objectives as outlined under Article II. The Executive Committee shall establish the amount of such contributions.

Article IX -

 Amendments This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended when recommended by the Executive Committee appointed by the President at the request of members at any regular or special meeting, and when carried by a simple majority vote of members present or voting by mail, as provided for in Article VII, Section 4.